Bettina De Perez


Professional Intuitive. Consultations for Individuals and the Collective.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. 

I look forward to connecting with you personally.

It's a pleasure to work closely with every client and provide remarkably accurate information that clarifies and inspires.

Answers. Solutions. Clarity.

As a Professional Intuitive for over 20 years, this time-tested work provides a powerful resource for extraordinary clients from every walk of life. 

You'll receive specific and detailed answers to your most pressing questions. 

The  intuitive information I discern and share is accessible and direct. Sessions encompass both professional and personal matters with equal focus and care.

Now more than ever we are each called upon to trust that unerring voice within. 

The globe is facing an unprecedented level of change and uncertainty. I encourage you to rely on that wisdom and know that it will guide you safely through this time.

If  you're at an impasse regarding a pending decision and need precise intuitive insight and direction as you navigate that process, a one-on-one consultation can be of great value. Whether the situation at hand involves a complex business venture, a relationship, an important life choice or your most cherished creative project: you're in the right place.

No problem exists without a solution. 

The goal of each session is to fully equip you with those solutions and to affirm your own powerful instincts in the process.

 You are infinitely wise and capable and can trust in your many innate gifts and strengths.

This work is both an art and a science. 

It is collaborative. 

Expect to be empowered.

Poets and pioneers, artists and activists, change-makers and champions for social justice are among those who find this work essential to achieving their most significant goals.

And yes, even moguls and CEO's have psychics, mystics and astrologers in their inner circle.

That's often how they've reached the top...

And how they STAY there.

Can we see the future? YES.

And with that foresight, we can actively work with that information or take practical steps to change it. 

When you really need to know.

New clients often ask:

When is the best time to get in touch?


The answer: 

When you really need to know. 

If this is that time for you, let's schedule your session. 

I look forward to our time together.

Addtional Services


Media Consultant

Artist. Activist. Content Creator

Artist. Activist. Content Creator

First source consultant for 500+ Showrunners, Producers, Filmmakers.


Artist. Activist. Content Creator

Artist. Activist. Content Creator

Artist. Activist. Content Creator

Docuseries, graphic design,  digital content.


Executive Producer

Artist. Activist. Content Creator

Executive Producer

Film. Television. Creator & Writer for Script & Screenplay Originals.